Hi there! Let me introduce myself. I’m Jade and I love to sew. I started sewing almost two years ago. It was something I had always wanted to learn, but never had the time to do. As a young child I had a small sewing machine and made tops and skirts from the scraps of fabric that the clothing factory across the street had discarded. As a 7 year old I tried making projects out of a very old 70’s mail sewing course, but I wasn’t able to figure it out by myself. Fast forward 25 years! After seeing many inspiring websites and flipping through some gorgeous sewing books I finally took the plunge and arranged to take sewing lessons…along with my then 9 year old daughter Lente! She had asked me several times if I could sew something with her, so this seemed like the perfect mother-daughter bonding time. Since april 2012 we have been taking lessons together every week. Sewing has opened  up a whole new world for me. From the moment I bought a sewing machine I have been inspired to make things. I would love to connect with fellow sewing enthusiasts, and hope to inspire readers who are thinking about starting…if I can do it, you can do it as well!

One of my big inspirations are my children. I have four. My son Cosmo is almost 14 years old, and I also have three daughters: Lente is almost 11, Vega is 7, and our youngest Desirée is 5. I love to sew things for them, there are so many simple patterns for girls… skirts, pants, t-shirts….over the past few years I’ve been able to build them a handmade wardrobe, but since they grow so fast there is always much more to sew for them…and I don’t mind that one bit! 😉  I also love to sew gifts for family and friends.  In the past year, 6 (!!!) of my friends had a baby, so I’ve been making a lot of baby items…. blankets, burp cloths, bibs, crib sheets, swaddlers etc.  And of course I like to sew clothing for myself as well.

I  want to thank my husband for being my nr. 1 fan! He’s helped me set up my own sewing room (along with my father, thanks Dad!) and never complains if I spend money on sewing supplies or  ‘forget’ to do housework because I’ve been sewing all day. He’s even set up this blog for me. We’ve been together since I was 14 (and he was 15) years old. He is truly the best guy ever.

Furthermore, I want to apologize beforehand that my English is not perfect. I’m from the Netherlands, so English is not my native language. I do plan to write most posts in English because the Netherlands is only a small country and it would be great if I could communicate with people outside of this place. Also, I apologize that my pictures are not the best. I blame it on the weather here…it’s often cold and rainy, which makes outdoor photo opportunities rare. Enough said…I’m off to make a shirt for my youngest!

family photo
Our family.