Since I’ve started sewing I’ve made many skirts. Most of them for my daughters, but also a few for myself and one or two as gifts. The first thing I ever sewed was this skirt:


The pattern was from Mme ZsaZsa’s book “Allemaal rokjes”. I had just bought a sewing machine, this cotton knit fabric, and some rib knit for the waistband. But I couldn’t figure out how the waistband should be attached. Thought about it for a whole night, got up early in the morning, started sewing, and….attached it inside out… with the stitching facing outwards….oops! I cut the waistband off and got it right the second time. I made it for my middle daughter, but because it got a little shorter in the process, it fit my youngest afterwards. Oh well.

After that I knew how to do it! I made this one immediately afterwards:


And…since my first mistake had taught me how to attach rib knit, I made a shirt to match:


It was only after I had made it, and she wore it with a pair of white tights, that I realised she looked like a little Santa Claus girl in it 🙂

After that I had confidence and tried to make another skirt out of Mme ZsaZsa’s book. It was supposed to be the simplest skirt to sew. Something that could be done in an hour. But it didn’t work out that way…somehow the elasticized waistband didn’t have any give.


The recommended waistband length in the book was too small for the top of the skirt, and it wasn’t supposed to be a gathered skirt…so…hmmmm…. I don’t remember what I did next, but the final skirt hardly fit over my daughters hips…and I ended up throwing it in the trash 🙁

The next skirt I made was a circle skirt for Desirée. Circle skirts are very easy to make, you can draw the pattern yourself. Lots of great tutorials on the internet on how to make one. I made Desirée’s skirt with a t-shirt to match:

circle skirt desiree1circle skirt desiree2

She loved those clothes and wore them until they didn’t fit her anymore.

I also made a circle skirt for Vega. I regretted buying this fabric immediately. It was only 1 euro per meter, but seriously, what was I thinking?? I wanted to get it out of my stash as fast as possible so I whipped up this one:

glitter skirt

Yeah…it’s super twirly…and it’s all glitter and stuff….she hasn’t worn it after this photo. I couldn’t possibly let her go to school wearing this, could I?

Since then I’ve made several other circle skirts. Two with an attached waistband, with piping:

skirt piping

tweelagig circle skirt vega

And one, a baby gift, with an exposed elastic waistband. The pattern was a free download from

baby circle skirt

One of the skirts that I’ve made for myself is this one:

zeeman rok

During a shopping spree in Zeeman (a discount textile store) I came across a cute purple dotted pillowcase….It was only 99 cents, but I loved the fabric, it looked retro, and I figured it might be just enough fabric to make a skirt for myself out of it… it was! The fabric was a little thin, so I lined the skirt, added a rib knit casing with elastic inside, and as a finishing touch added some purple lace trim around the hem. I didn’t have enough fabric to match the dots on the sides, but still…. I love this skirt and still wear it when the weather is right.

Another skirt that I’ve made for myself is this green number:


There’s no pattern. I just cut 4 times my waist circumference, gathered the fabric, attached a waistband, and sewed in a zipper. Hemmed it and it was done!

I also love to make simple skirts. I was heavily inspired by Dana’s website when I made these ones:

heart skirt skirt stripes skirt lente

So girly, so many cute options, and you can literally make a skirt in under an hour! I will be making many more 🙂